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Club Games
Social Matches
Jack Pace Shield
Twilight Series 1
Twilight Series 2
1 Bayliss, HamishI Zingari Australia Cricket Club00001
2 Pryor, NelsonSydney University Veterans Cricket Club40200
3 Hambleton, Craig DI Zingari Australia Cricket Club30101
4 Nash, PaulCricketers Club of NSW10300
5 Moorhouse, PaulSydney University Veterans Cricket Club20000
6 Dadswell, AndrewCricketers Club of NSW10000
7 Yap, AleksandrSydney University Veterans Cricket Club30100
8 Philips, AnthonyI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10000
9 Fearnside, DavidI Zingari Australia Cricket Club20000
10 Payne, Chris JI Zingari Australia Cricket Club20000
11 Speedie, BrandonReg Bartley XI Cricket Club10000
12 Gorridge, Ivan NBeavers Cricket Club00100
13 Lewis, EdwardSydney University Veterans Cricket Club10000
14 Farrier, JamesReg Bartley XI Cricket Club20100
15 McGilvray, HamishKnox Old Boys Cricket Club00100
16 Van Schalkwyk, EmileI Zingari Australia Cricket Club00001
17 Mayes, AlexYaralla Cricket Club50100
18 Hodge, Mark E AI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10101
19 Armstrong, Kishan LI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10001
20 Borean, Derick AI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10001
21 Davies, RogerI Zingari Australia Cricket Club20000
22 Mahoney, PeterI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10000
23 Mahoney, JohnI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10000
24 Lovell, GeoffI Zingari Australia Cricket Club00100
25 Jenkins, JoeOld Aloysians Cricket Club00310
26 Story, TimI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10000
27 King, ArchieEastern Suburbs Cricket Club10200
28 Daly, BradenOld Aloysians Cricket Club00100
29 Daly, JordanOld Aloysians Cricket Club00200
30 Haworth, AdamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club30233
31 Bariol, AidenOld Aloysians Cricket Club00010
32 Ogden, ThomasSydney University Veterans Cricket Club50200
33 Beard, LewisSydney University Veterans Cricket Club60100
34 Lindsay, PatrickOld Aloysians Cricket Club00300
35 Burgess, AndrewI Zingari Australia Cricket Club20000
36 Maxwell, OliverEastern Suburbs Cricket Club00031
37 Bryant, MichaelI Zingari Australia Cricket Club20000
38 Clarke, PaulI Zingari Australia Cricket Club00001
39 Turnbull, Robert JSydney University Veterans Cricket Club60100
40 Morley, MarkEastern Suburbs Cricket Club00200
41 McEwan, Kieran DSydney University Veterans Cricket Club70200
42 Chapman, HarryKnox Old Boys Cricket Club00100
43 Hardwicke-Owen, JackOld Aloysians Cricket Club00010
44 Bhandary, RishikSydney University Veterans Cricket Club20000
45 Alcock, OscarKnox Old Boys Cricket Club00100
46 McClelland, JamesI Zingari Australia Cricket Club10000
47 Kelland, NicholasEastern Suburbs Cricket Club20101
48 Fenwick, LachlanKnox Old Boys Cricket Club00100
49 Anderson, RossPrimary Club00100
50 Lavery, RobertOld Aloysians Cricket Club00100
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Total Records: 319   Page: 1 of 7   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.