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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubClub GamesSocial MatchesJack Pace ShieldClub GamesSocial MatchesJack Pace Shield
Abreu, DavidBeavers Cricket Club100100
Adamson, JohnSt George Veterans Cricket Club001001
Adhikari, GaneshYaralla Cricket Club001001
Aitken, ThomasSydney University Veterans Cricket Club404404
Allison, SteveReg Bartley XI Cricket Club200200
Allmey, IanCricketers Club of NSW102102
Amir, AhmerOld Aloysians Cricket Club303303
Anand Kumar, KarthikSydney University Veterans Cricket Club001001
Anderson, RossPrimary Club100100
Anees, ArsalanSydney University Veterans Cricket Club303303
Anurag, HarishSydney University Veterans Cricket Club101101
Armstrong, Kishan LI Zingari Australia Cricket Club002002
Atshan, FarjaamOld Aloysians Cricket Club304304
Azmi, Feroz AYaralla Cricket Club101101
Baloch, FahadBeavers Cricket Club402402
Bangs, CharlieKnox Old Boys Cricket Club204204
Bangs, ThomasKnox Old Boys Cricket Club304304
Banning, BrentI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100100
Barrett, NickKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100100
Bayliss, HamishI Zingari Australia Cricket Club001001
Bayliss, MarkI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100100
Bayliss, SteveYaralla Cricket Club101101
Bayliss-Smith, LachlanI Zingari Australia Cricket Club204204
Beard, LewisSydney University Veterans Cricket Club202202
Beergah, MichaelCricketers Club of NSW401401
Bell, Dean JSt George Veterans Cricket Club303303
Bilinsky, NickI Zingari Australia Cricket Club103103
Booth, CharlieI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100100
Bray, BillySt George Veterans Cricket Club100100
Bray, DamienSt George Veterans Cricket Club001001
Broekman, Luke TReg Bartley XI Cricket Club005005
Brooks, Greg JCricketers Club of NSW202202
Brown, ChrisPrimary Club601601
Brunell, JasonYaralla Cricket Club100100
Bryant, MichaelI Zingari Australia Cricket Club207207
Bulger, Ryan WSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100100
Burgess, AndrewI Zingari Australia Cricket Club004004
Burgess, Michael WI Zingari Australia Cricket Club005005
Burgess, RichardBeavers Cricket Club001001
Buruma, PeterCricketers Club of NSW102102
Carey, BlaineReg Bartley XI Cricket Club102102
Carroll, AnthonySydney University Veterans Cricket Club304304
Cassie, MitchellI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100100
Cassimatis, NickSt George Veterans Cricket Club403403
Chapman, HarryKnox Old Boys Cricket Club203203
Chapman, JoshKnox Old Boys Cricket Club201201
Chintala, RohitSydney University Veterans Cricket Club001001
Clare, BradYaralla Cricket Club001001
Clark, RichardCricketers Club of NSW100100
Clarke, JosephOld Aloysians Cricket Club102102