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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubClub GamesSocial MatchesJack Pace ShieldTwilight Series 1Twilight Series 2Club GamesSocial MatchesJack Pace ShieldTwilight Series 1Twilight Series 2
Abreu, DavidBeavers Cricket Club1000010000
Agarwal, VisheshReg Bartley XI Cricket Club2000020000
Aitken, ThomasSydney University Veterans Cricket Club1010010100
Alcock, OscarKnox Old Boys Cricket Club0010000100
Ali, Muhammad IRyde Hunters Hill Pirates Cricket Club1000010000
Allan, Duncan IReg Bartley XI Cricket Club0020100201
Anderson, RossPrimary Club0010000100
Anees, ArsalanSydney University Veterans Cricket Club7020070200
Anurag, HarishSydney University Veterans Cricket Club1010010100
Arandt, MaxEastern Suburbs Cricket Club3010030100
Arandt, MaxReg Bartley XI Cricket Club1021110211
Arandt, ZachEastern Suburbs Cricket Club1000010000
Armstrong, Kishan LI Zingari Australia Cricket Club1000110001
Arnold, Glen JPrimary Club0001000010
Atshan, FarjaamOld Aloysians Cricket Club1011010110
Bangs, CharlieKnox Old Boys Cricket Club0010000100
Bangs, ThomasKnox Old Boys Cricket Club0010000100
Barber, David JOld Aloysians Cricket Club1040010400
Barclay, Stuart GYaralla Cricket Club3000030000
Bariol, AidenOld Aloysians Cricket Club0001000010
Barwise, James DBeavers Cricket Club1020010200
Bayliss, HamishI Zingari Australia Cricket Club0000100001
Bayliss-Smith, LachlanI Zingari Australia Cricket Club1000210002
Beard, LewisSydney University Veterans Cricket Club6010060100
Bell, Dean JSt George Veterans Cricket Club0010000100
Bell, KarinaSt George Veterans Cricket Club0010000100
Bevin, JamesI Zingari Australia Cricket Club1000010000
Bhandari, AvinashCricketers Club of NSW4020040200
Bhandari, SanjeetBeavers Cricket Club1020010200
Bhandary, RishikSydney University Veterans Cricket Club2000020000
Bhullar, HardeepCricketers Club of NSW1000010000
Biradar, JagSt George Veterans Cricket Club0010000100
Biyanwila, UddyKnox Old Boys Cricket Club0010000100
Bleakman, James DReg Bartley XI Cricket Club2010020100
Borean, Derick AI Zingari Australia Cricket Club1000110001
Bourgonjen, RodneyRyde Hunters Hill Pirates Cricket Club1000010000
Braiding, BenYaralla Cricket Club9010090100
Brazel, ErikEastern Suburbs Cricket Club1010010100
Bridge, HarryCricketers Club of NSW7040070400
Brown, ChrisPrimary Club4020040200
Bryant, MichaelI Zingari Australia Cricket Club2000020000
Burgess, AndrewI Zingari Australia Cricket Club2000020000
Cassimatis, NickSt George Veterans Cricket Club0010000100
Cawley, Nathan DSydney University Veterans Cricket Club5010050100
Chapman, HarryKnox Old Boys Cricket Club0010000100
CHIVERS, Brett CYaralla Cricket Club9000090000
Civil, OliverReg Bartley XI Cricket Club0021100211
Clare, BradYaralla Cricket Club4010040100
Clark, Paul MReg Bartley XI Cricket Club0001200012
Clark, RichardCricketers Club of NSW1010010100