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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Robertson, EuanPrimary Club130100
2 Ince, DavidPrimary Club120000
3 Sutton, TimI Zingari Australia Cricket Club120000
4 Forbes, TobyCricketers Club of NSW210000
5 Hughes, SorenCricketers Club of NSW310000
6 Frittum, Damian APrimary Club110000
7 Thanos, ChrisEastern Suburbs Cricket Club310000
8 Wilson, CampbellYaralla Cricket Club110000
9 Langley, DamienPrimary Club210000
10 Bhandari, AvinashCricketers Club of NSW210000
11 McEwan, Kieran DSydney University Veterans Cricket Club210000
12 Williams, ScottCricketers Club of NSW313010
13 Hughes, EzekielCricketers Club of NSW110000
14 Fletcher, NickReg Bartley XI Cricket Club210000
15 James, PhilPrimary Club110000
16 Leslie, AndreI Zingari Australia Cricket Club110000
17 Kitson, CraigCricketers Club of NSW110001
18 Goodchild, MorleyCricketers Club of NSW410010
19 Stening, Hamish FEastern Suburbs Cricket Club310000
20 stevenson, alanReg Bartley XI Cricket Club210000
21 Read, JamesReg Bartley XI Cricket Club110000
22 Yap, AleksandrSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
23 Lovell, GeoffI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
24 Haworth, AdamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200010
25 Beard, LewisSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
26 van der Merwe, BenI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
27 Civil, OliverReg Bartley XI Cricket Club200000
28 Murray, AngusOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
29 Arandt, MaxReg Bartley XI Cricket Club200000
30 Farrar, NickEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
31 Cassimatis, NickSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
32 Glover, RichardSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
33 Dsouza, AllanBeavers Cricket Club100000
34 Jewell, ChristopherSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
35 Biradar, JagSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
36 Hilton, CraigYaralla Cricket Club100000
37 Cawley, Nathan DSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
38 Goh, TomOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
39 Griffiths, JamesBeavers Cricket Club100010
40 Pandey, ManishBeavers Cricket Club100001
41 Cotter, MaxEastern Suburbs Cricket Club201000
42 Nair, JaykumarBeavers Cricket Club100000
43 La Costa, LucaEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
44 Mayes, AlexYaralla Cricket Club100000
45 Hodge, Mark E AI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
46 Turnbull, Robert JSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
47 Morley, MarkEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200000
48 Alcock, OscarKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
49 Lavery, RobertOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
50 Bangs, CharlieKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
51 LEONG, NicolasCricketers Club of NSW200000
52 LEONG, MatthewCricketers Club of NSW200000
53 Malcolm, RyanI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
54 Law, Sebastian MI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
55 Sato, CharlieOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
56 Desai, MukeshBeavers Cricket Club100000
57 Hadley, JimCricketers Club of NSW400001
58 Revai, BenI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
59 Farman, TarinEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
60 Davison, RileyEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
61 Mathias, SamOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
62 Stocks, JackKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
63 RAHIM, AbdulYaralla Cricket Club100000
64 Povey, BrendanPrimary Club100000
65 Barwise, James DBeavers Cricket Club200000
66 Evans, FreddieReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
67 Bhandari, SanjeetBeavers Cricket Club200000
68 Chapman, HarryKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
69 Kelland, NicholasEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
70 Fenwick, LachlanKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
71 Aitken, ThomasSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
72 Fergusson, OliverSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
73 Reay, NathanPrimary Club100000
74 Pike, HenryEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200010
75 Sidgreaves, TomOld Aloysians Cricket Club400000
76 Goh, SteveOld Aloysians Cricket Club200000
77 Pawar, MrigankBeavers Cricket Club100000
78 Maddocks, WilliamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
79 Denning, HamishKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
80 Lazarus, TimKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
81 Gordon, JoshBeavers Cricket Club100000
82 Wells, TimKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
83 Bleakman, James DReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
84 Brown, ChrisPrimary Club200000
85 Greenaway, TomReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
86 Kertesz, SamuelEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
87 Pryor, NelsonSydney University Veterans Cricket Club200000
88 Ogden, ThomasSydney University Veterans Cricket Club200000
89 Lindsay, PatrickOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
90 Prasan, AkshayEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
91 Allan, Duncan IReg Bartley XI Cricket Club200000
92 Cowdery Lack, HugoI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
93 Sato, ThomasOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
94 Copeman Hill, FinBeavers Cricket Club200000
95 Ferguson, PhillipSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
96 Rayner, ChristianBeavers Cricket Club101000
97 Peters, RodSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
98 Bangs, ThomasKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
99 Walker, CameronEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200000
100 Hamilton, Oliver WYaralla Cricket Club100000
101 Clarke, Stuart HReg Bartley XI Cricket Club200000
102 Bell, KarinaSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
103 Barber, David JOld Aloysians Cricket Club400000
104 Brazel, ErikEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
105 Clare, BradYaralla Cricket Club100000
106 Khatri, JunaidBeavers Cricket Club200000
107 Morrison, KenBeavers Cricket Club200000
108 Huang, KevinSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
109 Kelynack, MichaelKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
110 Sim, MarkPrimary Club200000
111 Rawlinson, AlexReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
112 Quoyle, GabrielEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200000
113 Rajput, VishalCricketers Club of NSW100000
114 Bridge, HarryCricketers Club of NSW400000
115 Genner, JoshuaReg Bartley XI Cricket Club200000
116 Mayes, DanielYaralla Cricket Club100000
117 Hambleton, Craig DI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
118 Daly, JordanOld Aloysians Cricket Club200000
119 Anderson, RossPrimary Club100000
120 Prior, JonPrimary Club200000
121 Thornton, JustinPrimary Club100010
122 Derum, OliverBeavers Cricket Club100000
123 Switzer, AlexYaralla Cricket Club100000
124 Regan, WillEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
125 Croft, TimothySydney University Veterans Cricket Club200000
126 Speiser, Thomas JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200000
127 Mohamed, IbrahimEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200000
128 Bell, Dean JSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
129 Morton, OliverKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
130 Creagh, VincePrimary Club200000
131 Anees, ArsalanSydney University Veterans Cricket Club200000
132 Anurag, HarishSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
133 O'Shea, GerryCricketers Club of NSW100000
134 Gorridge, Ivan NBeavers Cricket Club100000
135 McGilvray, HamishKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
136 King, ArchieEastern Suburbs Cricket Club200000
137 Daly, BradenOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
138 Atshan, FarjaamOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
139 Robertson, TomCricketers Club of NSW400000
140 Weber, CharlieOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
141 Henry, ThomasOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
142 Pollack, BenOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
143 Manzie, JimI Zingari Australia Cricket Club100000
144 Roughley, LachlanOld Aloysians Cricket Club200000
145 Arandt, MaxEastern Suburbs Cricket Club100000
146 Sciacca, SamSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
147 Clark, RichardCricketers Club of NSW101000
148 Stark, GregPrimary Club100000
149 Perna, TonyOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
150 James, BrettCricketers Club of NSW400000
151 Subramaniam, KarthickCricketers Club of NSW200000
152 Teys, DanielPrimary Club100000
153 Kolcharam, PranayadeepSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
154 Clarke, JosephOld Aloysians Cricket Club500000
155 Hebblewhite, BeauPrimary Club100200
156 Nash, PaulCricketers Club of NSW300000
157 Farrier, JamesReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
158 Jenkins, JoeOld Aloysians Cricket Club300000
159 Braiding, BenYaralla Cricket Club100001
160 joseph, gabeReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
161 Noack, Fraser JOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
162 Oei, JasonOld Aloysians Cricket Club400000
163 Mcintyre, CraigPrimary Club200000
164 Croft, LucaSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
165 Wesley, MattKnox Old Boys Cricket Club200000
166 Stevens, AngusSydney University Veterans Cricket Club100000
167 Mayer, DaveSt George Veterans Cricket Club100000
168 Rajput, VishalBeavers Cricket Club100000
169 Gandy, KrishReg Bartley XI Cricket Club100000
170 Iqbal, farazBeavers Cricket Club100000
171 Biyanwila, UddyKnox Old Boys Cricket Club100000
172 Mathias, JoeOld Aloysians Cricket Club100000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.